Tuesday, 7 December 2010


                                                       Picture by DevilShark.
    While people out there have versatile goals that they would love to follow,  there is this universal  fundamental goal to nearly all pursuits  ; the goal to happiness.  Very few people stop and ask themselves "What do I really want?" and when they do, everyone comes back to the same wish. To be happy .   Even though happiness is ephemeral, and I am not suggesting that we can reach a permanent state called happiness, and stay there, but how would it feel if you spend most of your time being happy?  People spend most of their lives making or wanting to make money and generally do so because they believe that maybe money will make them happy.  Or maybe money would ward them from what can make them unhappy. We spend too much time straining for that perfect relationship.. The perfect friend.. The perfect house.. The  perfect body.. The perfect appearance.. All in an effort to be happy.
                Sometimes it seems like life is throwing too many obstructions in our way. Too many, that we can't seem to handle them anymore. However, you can stand in the face of the most disputing challenges easily if you are happy.
    Here are some starting points to happiness.
  2. I know what you are probably thinking right now. "Seriously? That's too obvious". Well guess what? Yes it's obvious, but 70 % of people don't smile when there's nothing to make them do so. But, sometimes we have to fake it until we make it! As Phyllis Diller said "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. " I am not suggesting that we should be fake, but sometimes putting a happy face on and moving forward is all what we need! In the last 30 years, social psychologists have proven that the actions we take, or the actions we do, or the actions we act like we're doing, leave a mark and remainder inside of us. Smiling doesn't take a lot of effort, and standing in front of a mirror and smiling will make your day a lot better. I promise.
    In addition this, laughing out loud, at something you think is funny drops the stress hormones significantly!

Saturday, 4 December 2010


    If you are a teenager, like myself, and you spend way too much time on Facebook , again like myself, you will find all of these pages telling us that "I'm fine" is one of the biggest lies ever. Some people agree, and some disagree. However, I strongly agree with this statement. How many times have you felt so awful, irritated, annoyed, bothered, or disturbed? How many times have you felt that way, and just didn't want to tell people what was bothering you. Maybe, you were waiting for that special person to ask you what was going on. How many times have you went around school/work with the fakest smile ever, that only the closest people to you realized that it's fake?
    Perhaps it is your health,  little money, or the respect that you are not getting is what is making you depressed. With so many problems twiddling and swirling around us, is the aspect of happiness a mere dream, an unachievable, undoable  goal?
    Every person has his own reasons for being unhappy, but there are some MAIN reasons that make almost everyone unhappy.
    Now.. If you confront the reasons for your unhappiness, you can know how to solve them and you will be able to spread the sunny rays of happiness over your life.
    I've once read that happiness is not caused by what happens to us, but by HOW we interpret what happens to us.  And that, is oh so true.